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Whatever your business and the challenges and opportunities you are facing, we deliver optimum levels of finance to power your success. Explore our expertise and success below:

Our Asset-Based Lending (ABL) solutions will help you meet your expansion challenges with greater ease. Asset-Based Lending from PNC Business Credit not only serves to provide an initial injection of cash, but also supports your business on an on-going basis as it grows.

An ABL revolving credit facility gives you greater flexibility and borrowing capacity from your existing asset base. This is designed to provide a higher credit limit as your business increases its borrowing base – depending upon key operating ratios being maintained. Asset based lending, which usually consists of both a revolving credit line (evergreen) and a term loan, also helps you smooth over seasonal fluctuations in cash flow.

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The main appeal of using Asset-Based Lending to fund an MBO or MBI is that it delivers long term funding solutions for the new company, whilst recognising the need for sufficient working capital to meet ongoing daily cash flow needs. PNC Business Credit's ABL revolving credit facility accelerates cash flow by allowing a business to borrow against the future value of receivables and inventory that are expected to become cash in the near future.

We apply our knowledge, experience and innovation to develop and deliver funding solutions that enable management teams to acquire a company or division, maintaining 100% ownership in the hands of the management team, and providing far greater flexibility going forward than a typical overdraft.

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Asset-Based Lending is used increasingly to finance acquisitions – even the assets of the company being acquired can be taken into account.

Asset-Based Lending is particularly advantageous over other forms of finance where prospective acquisitions have a high level of eligible receivables and inventory in relation to the purchase price of the company.

Asset-Based Lending represents a powerful form of senior debt when compared to traditional facilities and is particularly attractive in M&A scenarios because there are typically fewer financial covenants.

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If you're considering recapitalisation, you should understand that there's a difference between a structure that functions adequately and one that actually maximises your opportunities. It takes more than balancing debt and equity. It means juggling revolver, term, senior vs. sub debt, equity, mezzanine and other variables.

You need a lender that can grow and adapt to a dynamic business environment. One that invests in your potential, not just your history. At PNC Business Credit, we help companies recapitalise so they can add capacity, fund acquisitions, or gain market share by refocusing their businesses.

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Increasingly, business owners are seeking flexible Asset-Based Lending (ABL) solutions to refinance existing facilities and deliver the maximum availability of cash.

PNC Business Credit's ABL revolving credit facility accelerates cash flow by allowing a business to borrow against the future value of receivables and inventory that are expected to become cash in the near future.

By complimenting a revolving credit facility with an element of term lending against freehold property or plant and machinery, PNC Business Credit helps to provide a balanced mix of debt structures. The subsequent increase in cash flow improves liquidity and allows the borrower to extend and optimise its equity base.

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Turnaround businesses can find it difficult to raise traditional funding. PNC Business Credit, on the other hand recognises that Asset-Based Lending is not dependent upon your company's existing profitability.

So long as the reasons for profit downturn have been identified and a means of resolving them is in place, our aim as an asset based lender is always to put a financing solution in place as quickly as possible with the optimum level of headroom.

We believe in structuring ongoing financing solutions that support business long term. Providing an initial, fully revolving ABL facility allows management to ‘kick start’ their company's turnaround plan.

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