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Over the past ten years, Asset-Based Lending has been a consistent and increasingly common source of capital for middle market companies and Private Equity. Its rapid rise in popularity is due to the fact that Asset-Based Lending maximizes the level of finance available against a company's assets.

In today's market conditions, traditional forms of financing can fall far short of the cash flow your business requires to reach its potential. PNC Business Credit solutions, on the other hand, can provide the momentum you need to succeed. Asset Based Lending focuses primarily on your business assets. At PNC Business Credit, we can provide you with the optimum level of finance against the combined assets of your business:

  • Current Assets (accounts receivable, inventory)
  • Fixed Assets (property, plant and machinery)
  • Intangible Assets (brand names and trademarks)

For many credit providers, assets are nothing more than cold numbers on a balance sheet. If the ratios are good, they are willing to lend. PNC Business Credit has a different perspective. It's not all about the numbers. We look beyond financial statements to gain a deeper understanding of your situation.

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Our finance solutions are suitable for companies whose borrowing requirements exceed £5million and work across a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, wholesale, distribution and services to name just a few.

Early involvement is often critical to the success of a transaction. We harness our extensive transactional experience to understand your plans and potential. Then we look beyond the numbers. To your management team. To your systems and processes. To your products, services and market position.

We listen and learn. And by looking at your company through your eyes, our highly experienced team of Asset-Based Lending professional’s structure facilities that not only meet today’s challenges but also tomorrow’s opportunities. This delivers a client experience tailored for your business that’s underlined by ease and confidence.

At PNC Business Credit, we build lasting, supportive relationships, to be there for you in the future.

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PNC Business Credit finds value in a wide variety of asset types;

  • Accounts Receivables
  • Inventory
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Freehold Property
  • Intangibles (Such as intellectual property & trademarks)
  • Cash Flow

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Finance solutions from PNC Business Credit work in tandem with your business and can generate higher levels of funding (based on asset value) compared with traditional financing methods. CAPEX, junior secured and mezzanine are just some of the solutions we can access from our extensive network of financial relationships.

Covenants may force you into management decisions that don’t align with your strategy. Our understanding of the compelling events for companies capital needs sets us apart. We provide optimum levels of finance for a variety of situations, including expansion, turnaround, recapitalization and acquisition.

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Cross border financing can provide streamlined financing to companies with operations in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. By leveraging the strength of our UK & U.S. teams, companies get the benefit of local, experienced professionals working to help you maximize liquidity and flexibility. Contact your local PNC Business Credit representative for how we can help you.

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