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What is OCIO?

An Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) model enables an organization to delegate responsibility for the day-to-day management of its investment program. Specifically, it involves shifting discretionary investment responsibility for some or all investment functions from the asset owner to an investment advisor.

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Our Approach

Investment Philosophy & Core Beliefs

Markets can be inefficient, and investment opportunities are ever changing. A thorough understanding of the past, combined with rigorous analysis of the present offers insight into the most probable path forward.

Approach to Investing

The first step is understanding each client’s specific needs and objectives.

Each portfolio is custom built and tailored to each client’s unique investment needs, restrictions, and values.

The right combination of robust, quantitative analyses and deep, qualitative research enables the creation of the optimal solution for each client.

Approach to Markets

Client portfolios adjust as markets evolve to generate superior, risk-adjusted returns.

Long-Term View
Being a patient investor lends to capitalizing on long-term trends even as markets evolve.

Helping clients receive the best value means identifying undervalued or mispriced investment options.

Approach to Constructing Portfolios

Validating that clients receive our best thinking through every investment decision, the strategy, manager research and portfolio management teams work closely together.

Open Architecture
Clients can benefit from both active and passive managers, we believe that skilled active managers exist and that in certain times and sectors passive managers are optimal.

Clients need to invest with knowledge of what and why they own to have a greater conviction in their portfolio. A stronger conviction typically means staying the course when markets are stressed, which leads to better results. So that you have confidence in what you own, we strive to be clear and set expectations upfront.

Eyes on Risk
Shortfall, volatility, unintended exposure, liquidity and operational are just some of the risks clients worry about. To ease clients’ concerns, we employ a rigorous risk management framework to monitor and minimize risk and maximize the probability of reaching clients’ goals.


We're Globally Recognized for our Services:

top 20 OCIO managers award ribbon 

top 20 OCIO managers award ribbon

Specialized Services & Offerings

Our Solutions for Institutional Investors


Manage Nonprofit Enterprises

2020 State of Nonprofits Webinar

In this webinar, we discuss fundraising through adverse scenarios, donor-advised funds, and investing in the current market environment.

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Gain Market Insight

Road to the Election: What comes next for institutional investors?

In this webinar, we discuss the implications of the upcoming United States presidential election for you, your organization, and your assets.

57:33 min video

Manage Nonprofit Enterprises

Nonprofit Mergers & Acquisitions: 5 Points to Consider

Nonprofit organizations are considering strategic M&A activity. Here we discuss five considerations for engaging in these types of transactions.

7 min read

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